Social Media Task

To complete today’s task, you must create fake profiles on websites such as: facebook or twitter or instagram. You can use the e-mail address in the school’s domain: @g.wszia.opole.pl

Create a social campaign on your FAKE Facebook or Twitter or Instagram profile to raise awareness of an important social or environmental issue. Use previously created accounts for this

Choose a topic:

Think about what social or ecological issue you want to draw attention to (exemplary topics, you can use another one)

  • Mental Health: Bring attention to the issue of mental health and help raise awareness about depression, anxiety, stress or other mental illnesses. You can share information on how to deal with difficult emotions and share links to help sources such as support lines and therapists.
  • Fighting discrimination: Pay attention to different forms of discrimination, such as racism, sexism, homophobia or religious intolerance. Provide information about the harmfulness of such behavior and encourage tolerance and respect for all people.
  • Environmental protection: Pay attention to important environmental issues such as climate change, air pollution or waste reduction. Provide information on how you can contribute to the protection of the environment, such as recycling, saving energy or using public transport.
  • Online safety: Pay attention to important online safety issues, such as cyberbullying, dangerous content, or a cyberattack. Provide information on ways to protect yourself from online dangers, such as using antivirus software and choosing strong passwords.
  • Physical Health: Pay attention to important physical health issues such as heart disease, diabetes or obesity. Provide information on ways to maintain physical health, such as a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

Prepare and publish materials:

Prepare and publish graphic materials on your profiles using e.g. Vista Create ( You download manual https://potwora.pl/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/vistacreate.pdf )

Create a hashtag:

Create a unique hashtag that is easy to remember and relevant to your topic. A hashtag can help you track and monitor posts related to your campaign. The hashtag can be the name of your campaign

Invitation to participate:

Invite others to participate in the campaign. You can ask your friends to like or reshare your post, and use a hashtag to help spread the word.

Performance analysis:

Track your campaign’s performance and evaluate how well it’s performing. Check how many people participated in the campaign, what their reactions were and what could be improved to get even better results in the future.

Remember that your campaign can have a real impact on people, so try to make it thoughtful and responsible.